Rosenblum Realty Posted 5/29/10

The Next Generation

Rosenblum Realty has experienced the great joy and good fortune of four continuous generations taking an active role in operating their local, family-owned real estate business. It all started in the 1950’s when Tom Rosenblum entered the real estate business and was later joined by his son, Tommy. Later, Tom’s grandson, Carey, joined the team and now even a great-grandson, Michael, is involved in the continual growth and development of this award-winning 53-year-old company.

“I was thrilled about three years ago when Michael, upon finishing his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, decided to return from university studies, to enter the family business,” Carey states. “Michael has shown a strong work ethic and a genuine desire to provide a professional level of real estate service.”

Carey and Michael, father and son, have a good chemistry together. “Not all family relations are such that the individuals are able to work in harmony within the same business,” Carey comments. “But our relationship is strong. I continue to give my advice and direction from my 33 years of experience, while Michael provides new ideas and the energy of youth. We have found that both of our contributions work synergistically to grow our company.”

Michael was assigned initially to help manage the Rosenblum Realty rental department and continues to do so with a great deal of efficiency and reliability, even sometimes with a little humor. “He has already thought about writing a book one day about some of the experiences of his young real estate career,” Carey states. “He is keeping a journal, so watch out. Some day you might see it on the shelf, The Life and Times of Real Estate Guru, Michael Rosenblum!”

Meanwhile, Michael has also developed his skills in handling sales and listings of residential property. He has been innovative in the company’s web site development and readily relates to various social mediums such as Facebook and other interactive communication mediums that enhance the outreach and communications of Rosenblum Realty with its client base. 

Carey continues to bring experience and oversight to the education of the agents and the operation of the company. Additionally, he provides direction and planning for the future. Michael’s education continues as he and Carey often compare notes on the process of real estate transactions. Emphasis is always placed on how to evaluate and apply the ever-changing factors of real estate sales consisting of contracts, financing, marketing, and the management of the transaction to best business practices and the high level of ethical professionalism practiced by Rosenblum Realty. 

Carey and Michael work together, alongside 25 agents, to lead an experienced and productive team. This cast of talented agents and staff carry forth the ideals and principles of the company in a very effective way and provide a stable force of real estate service in the Huntsville and North Alabama region. Collectively, Rosenblum Realty wants to be the company that you depend on for trustworthy real estate service, now and in the future generations to come.

REALTOR Spotlight:
Leann Cole, who has recently joined the Rosenblum Realty staff, has been a REALTOR in the Huntsville area for more than 20 years. “I’m proud to announce that Leanne has joined our staff,” Carey says. “She is well respected in our industry and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. She is already exhibiting great results in her short time with us and we look forward to her future endeavors.”

The three major things that lead Leann to Rosenblum Realty was its convenient, highly visible location at 2314 South Memorial Parkway, the professionalism of the Rosenblum agents she had worked with before, and the stability of the company – having been in business for more than 53 years. For these reasons, as well as the agents Internet acumen, all combined to help Leann select Rosenblum as her “Company of Choice”. Interestingly, these factors are also what most buyers and sellers want and deserve in a reputable real estate company.

Leann recently worked with Josh Vinson, who purchased a home. Josh has known Leann for several years as she has also assisted him and his family in six different real estate transactions. Josh says, “She always handled things in the most professional and friendly manner. She is very knowledgeable about her profession and is very patient and understanding of what your wants and needs are. In my opinion, she is the best at what she does and is the only REALTOR I will use. I would recommend her for all your home buying and selling needs.”
Michael Rosenblum
Michael Rosenblum
Associate Broker, Property Manager
2314 Memorial Pkwy SW Huntsville AL 35801