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The Truth About Selling Now

Michael Rosenblum

Michael Rosenblum is a 4th generation real estate broker with the family-owned real estate firm of Rosenblum Realty...

Michael Rosenblum is a 4th generation real estate broker with the family-owned real estate firm of Rosenblum Realty...

Sep 13 3 minutes read

Market Trends And The Decision To Sell Your Home.

Are you considering selling your home, but not sure if the time is right? In today's current market, sellers are getting top dollar for their homes. Record low interest rates are motivating buyers to house hunt, which is creating low supply. If you are considering selling your home now is the right time. Read below to find out the 4 reasons you should get your home on the market.

Homes Are Selling Quick

In September 2020, homes were on the market for an average of 17 days. More than half of listed homes were on the market less than a month. Being proactive and listing your home now could mean a quick and smooth selling experience. 

Inventory Is Still Low

The remarkable drop in interest rates has created a higher demand in the market.  Simple supply and demand is working in sellers favor to get their homes sold. Your home is a hot commodity, and our home buyers are eagerly looking to take advantage of these low interest rates. With the current market it would take less than six months to sell every home currently listed. 

Buyer Demand Is Up

COVID-19 forced many buyers to evaluate their current home needs. Buyers are now entering the market looking to find homes that fit their new normal. Since April, pending home sales has increased sharply. As a seller you should consider taking advantage of  the buyer demand and the low inventory that has created this unique market situation. 

Prices Have Increased

Are you worried about not receiving top dollar for your home? Since the demand for homes has been high and the supply low, sellers are more likely to get top dollar in the current market.  Consider the fact that price increases occurred before the pandemic, but the pandemic has continued to increase home prices. 

At the end of the day, selling your home is a decision that only you can make.  Having all the information about trends and the current market is the first step to making the right decision. The second step is finding out your home's value in the current market.  Since every home is unique, consulting with a skilled real estate advisor is a key element.  Don't stress about trying to put together the numbers and the hassle of gathering up-to-date information. Let me help you find real numbers in real time for your home's value in this current market.

Are You Wondering Your Home's Value?

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